What We Learned From The IoT Developer Community

Four weeks ago, we began talking to more of our peers, curious about how they prototype and build IoT applications. We did this to learn more from those around us in IoT what best practices are and resources exist to make embedded development easier. This quest to meet, talk, learn, and share put us in contact with 75+ IoT developers, spanning many positions, industries, and continents.

Our discussions focused on common problems we experienced ourselves: code synchronization in prototyping, testing, and deploying applications, and software-hardware-infrastructure set-up and testing. Both of these topics are massive, and most developers had a lot to say and suggest. What we learned can be reduced to three points:

(1) Developers like to focus on building new applications.

(2) Developers want an easy way to run tests.

(3) Developers want hardware they know just works.

Through these three points and discussion, we decided to open-source some in-house tools we use for prototyping and testing. In the coming few weeks, we’ll release more information with documentation.

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