Introducing Forward Loop Zero

In our last post, we discussed how developers want hardware they know just works. They also want software support that lets them focus on developing new applications. Forward Loop is proud to announce we can now help developers with tested hardware and sensors with full operating system, driver, and test network support. No longer does building a connected sensor mean integrating and testing hardware, sensors, operating system, and networking from scratch. Developers can now rely on Forward Loop to cover their hardware and test network requirements. This means that developers can focus on building new software applications.

Our first offering is Forward Loop Zero. The package is based on Orange Pi Zero, a quad-core computer with a small footprint and built-in wifi. With Forward Loop Zero, each developer receives a pre-installed modified Armbian operating system, burned to a SD card so they can start developing right away.

For developers who need more network connectivity options, we offer a supported GSM (SIM) hardware module that lets them connect using a SIM card. For developers interested in sensor applications, we offer supported inertial mass unit (IMU) sensors that can sense movement and rotation. As a package, developers can mix and match options to build reliable hardware sensors they know will meet their needs. This hardware is perfect for building software applications to monitor robotics, industrial machinery, and drones.

Forward Loop Zero works great with our free, open-source floop tool by allowing developers to build, run, and test applications in their preferred language. We encourage C++, Python, Go, and many other types of developers to use floop to build and run sensor applications on hardware.

Forward Loop Zero costs $50USD for Orange Pi Zero with 256MB of RAM. For an additional USD$10, developers can upgrade to 512 MB of RAM. Both come with pre-installed modified Armbian operating system, so developers can build as soon as they receive the hardware. Developers can optionally purchase an integrated IMU sensor and/or GSM module (SIM not included) for an additional $20USD for each hardware peripheral. Shipping and handling is not included. All units come assembled and tested before we ship them. Pre-order sign-ups are now live on our website and we will start shipping in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

In the near future, we will offer more sensor options for developers to build a wider range of applications. If you want to build a specific sensor application, please contact us for affordable, reliable solutions.

Pre-order yours here!