The Fastest Way to 1000 Sensors Deployed

For companies that build IoT applications speed matters. Yet, building and deploying IoT applications both fast and reliably is still a struggle for most. At Forward Loop, we believe the fastest and most reliable way to develop, deploy, and scale new IoT applications from scratch depends on how you standardize your hardware.

The prototype is your MVP, and the MVP is your product at scale.

Part of the reason why development cycles for IoT are long is because the hardware at every step changes. Development boards are used for prototyping, while MVP’s usually move toward more performance boards. Once at a scale of over 500 devices, most companies then look to custom hardware solutions for their applications. In the end, every change of hardware means a re-tooling of how developers build, run, and deploy devices.

Rather than changing boards in every phase of development, make the initial prototype your MVP, and the MVP your product at scale.

Three years ago, using development boards at scale would have cost a fortune. In today’s world, anyone can buy thousands of quad-core Orange Pi Zero micro-computers right now for $8USD/unit.

The prices for development boards have changed faster than the IoT industry’s mentality. The upfront cost of using development boards for deployments at scale may be higher, but the cost savings on time and ease of developement when you standardize your hardware early is huge.

For those interested in turn-key hardware and sensor solutions, check out Forward Loop Zero for faster IoT development.