FAQ: Why Use Forward Loop Zero Hardware Solutions?

We launched Forward Loop Zero with the goal of providing hardware and open source support to build and deploy new IoT applications faster. Since we released all of our open source documentation, many developers have asked, “Why should we purchase your hardware solutions when we can use your open-source support?” Here is our answer to this frequently asked question.

Developers are more than welcome to use our open source tools and support standalone on existing embedded Linux boards. Though our tools make embedded development easier, they do not automate or streamline board bring-up.

This is the value of Forward Loop Zero. Our hardware solutions exist to save companies and individuals the time it takes to prepare and test devices. For each deployment, every company or individual spends a lot time sourcing, assembling, booting, and testing all of the devices to fit each application’s specifications. Forward Loop Zero delivers assembled boards, sensors, and networking solutions so IoT development begins right of the box.

For anyone looking to accelerate development timelines, try out Forward Loop Zero and its ecosystem of open source support.